There are many factors that influence the final aesthetic result of your hair. One of them is your shampoo. Each shampoo has different concentration of surfactants, addition of different antistatic and lubricating agents and the final - the pH. The scalp pH is 5.5 and the hair pH is 3.5.

It is a fact that lower pH of shampoos causes less frizzing for generating less negative static electricity on the fiber surface. For this reason, all our shampoos are pH 5.


One planet to protect

We work every day to make the most sustainable choices: from the ingredients we pick, the decisions we take and the partners we choose. We truly believe that every step counts and our actions today will impact our future.

We are proud of what we do today but we are always on a mission to do better for tomorrow.



The quality and safety of an active ingredient has nothing to do with whether it is derived from nature or synthetically created in a lab. “Natural” is not necessarily better or superior. We use both in order to respect your hair and scalp, our planet, and the product shelf life.

Our decisions are based on facts. The lack of information is dangerous, a label or an ingredient are not.

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