Política de envio


1.1 Delivery: where and when

[PH]ACT Cosmetics sends products from Monday to Friday. Does not ship on certain holidays. You can only deliver an order if the delivery address is a home or office located in one of the countries mentioned in the list of countries available in the Delivery menu (FAQs).

To receive the order it is necessary to ensure that someone is at the address. This service does not include scheduling or appointment options, so the delivery of the order will be made without prior contact by the carrier. We do not guarantee deadlines in the periods of promotions, sales, Christmas and stock out.

1.2 Delivery Times

[PH]ACT Cosmetics will not be responsible for non-compliance, or delays in the fulfillment, of any obligation that is due to an event of force majeure, that is, an event, act or omission, beyond its reasonable control (Event of Force Majeure - which includes any event, act or omission outside the reasonable control of [PH]ACT Cosmetics).

[PH]ACT Cosmetics is committed to trying to deliver on time, to the extent that it is commercially reasonable.

1.3 Partial Deliveries

Whenever possible [PH]ACT Cosmetics will try to deliver everything in just one shipment. However, [PH]ACT Cosmetics reserves the right to split delivery of the order, for example (but not limited to) if part of the order is late or unavailable. In the event that [PH]ACT Cosmetics will proceed with the division of the order, the customer may be notified, by email, of the intention to proceed in this way. For this purpose, the email address provided by the customer at the time of purchase will be used.

1.4 Inspection upon delivery

Upon delivery, the CONSUMER must inspect the packaging in order to ascertain any damage. If the consumer finds that the products are damaged, the CONSUMER must not accept delivery of the order, which will be returned.

Any claim for non-receipt of an order must be made within a maximum period of 14 days from the date of placing the order. [PH]ACT Cosmetics cannot be held responsible for its loss.


2.1 Shipping charges are applied per order. The exact price of each shipment may depend on the country of delivery. For more details on the shipping price by country, please refer to the FAQs / Help section of the website.