We believe it is time to do better together. With our products you can care for tomorrow while washing your hair and saving a single-use plastic bottle, yet we truly believe that we can go further. Here are a few tips for you to get the most out of your bars while reducing the environmental footprint.

01 Finish your old shampoo first

We know that you are excited to start using your new bar but first make sure that you finish your old shampoo – thus avoiding waste. And do not forget to recycle your last single-use shampoo bottle.

02 Save water during your shower

Save the “wasted” water in a bucket while waiting for it heat up. You can use it to water your plants, flush the toilet, cook, etc. Also, take shorter showers – the duration of the shower has a direct effect on water usage (approximately 10L/minute). And, finally, turn water off between soaping up and rinsing.

03 Leave the bar out to air dry

Keep your bar away from water and avoid storing your bar in a wet place to extend the life of your bar. Take the bar out of the shower with you and store it in a dry and airy place between uses.

04 Use the bar until the very end

When the bar becomes too small use the “squish and combine” method. Wet your new bar and your tiny bar, smash them together and it is done. Also, you can save your little bars for your next weekend getaway.

We do not have all the answers yet, but with your help we will reach a better and more sustainable future.  We hope you join us and remember that all individual changes, no matter how small they seem, have a real impact.

Are you ready to start this journey with us?