01 Ingredients

We are committed to exclusively use ingredients that:

  1. Benefit the health of your hair and hair while respecting its pH;
  2. Support the integrity of our formulations;
  3. Promote sustainability.

The quality and safety of an active ingredient has nothing to do with whether it is derived from nature or synthetically created in a lab. “Natural” is not necessarily better or superior. In many cases, using a “natural” ingredient when a synthetic alternative is available is in fact more harmful to the environment and communities, as opposed to deriving the ingredient in a controlled, energy efficient and clean environment of a lab. We use both (natural and synthetic ingredients) in order to respect your hair and skin, our planet, and the product shelf life.

Additionally, we work to have locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. For example, the olive oil that you can find in our products is from Alentejo (south of Portugal) and the spirulina is from Azores Islands (Portugal).

02 Production

All our products are produced locally, in Portugal, to lower our carbon emissions - the shorter the route from production, to warehouse to the consumer, the smaller is the emissions footprint. Also keeps money and economic growth in our area, thus helping our community to prosper.

We take care of the partners we work with, and only work with those who meet our standards for sustainability and ethical labor practices.

03 Packaging

Our packaging is made from recycled paper certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) - this level indicates that the material is made from reclaimed material and not virgin pulp – with soy-based ink. It can be recycled with other paper materials.

All orders placed from phact-cosmetics.com are shipped plastic-free, using the smallest possible mailer box made from a minimum of 70% recycled material (the remaining material is derived from sustainably and ethically sourced wood - certified by FSC) and sealed with paper tape. And, of course, it is recyclable!

04 Shipping

100% carbon neutral deliveries. We measure our carbon footprint per order, reducing it in any way we can, and offsetting the remaining emissions by investing in reforest projects by the end of each year.

We are proud of what we do to reduce our environmental impact whilst working towards being more sustainable every single day. If you have any idea or recommendation to help us to be more climate positive, feel free to send an e-mail to hello@phact-cosmetics.com.