[PH]ACT is a company on a mission to develop essential products that take care for tomorrow, based in Portugal and founded by me - Maria.

I have always been deeply into cosmetics and conscious about the environment due to my connection with ocean. However, when I figured out the amount of plastic and waste created by my bathroom essentials… I started thinking about this project – personal care created with the planet in mind. It is all about care: care for you, care for them, care for today and care for tomorrow.

Every product that we launch aims to be transparent and sustainable without sacrificing performance (read more). We develop personal care products and experiences for everyday and everyone based on:

01 pH

We are not a soap based shampoo. Our bars are pH 5, respecting your hair’s natural pH. You will no longer need to pick between performance or sustainability.

02 Act

We believe that a single change in our routine can shape the future of our planet. Our products are designed to improve our individual impact. Remember that all individual changes, no matter how small they seem, have a real impact.

03 Facts

We are science-based sustainability driven. Our decisions are based on facts. The lack of information is dangerous, a label or an ingredient are not.

We truly believe that every step counts. We are proud of what we do to build a better future for the planet and humanity. If you have any idea or recommendation to help us to be more climate positive, feel free to send an e-mail to hello@phact-cosmetics.com

Discover a sustainable journey in every bar and thank you for being part of the [PH]ACT community!